Thanks so very much, Coles County.

Several weeks ago, we reached out to several civic organizations and businesses, requesting financial support so we could continue to cover local sports at a high level.

We were overwhelmed by the response. Truly.

In a few weeks, we raised enough funds to extend our coverage through at least the early fall.

Coles County Sports earned its designation as a 501 (c)(3) several months ago, thanks to Brian Daniell’s invaluable assistance, although we always ran this website as a nonprofit. Neither I nor Jeff Owens, co-founders of these sports news platforms, receive compensation for our work.

But we do need funds to pay reporters and photographers at least a nominal fee for their time and efforts in order to maintain the current level of coverage. Plus, we have several other fees and costs. We have a board whose meetings were derailed by COVID, but they will begin meeting again soon. Transparency, we believe, is important.

Since starting in September 2019, we have posted nearly 800 stories on the website, thousands of news and game items on our Facebook page for 2,200-plus followers, video and photos for our fast-growing Instagram page and updates on Twitter. The audiences on all platforms continue to increase. March 2021 was our second-highest readership month since we started 18 months ago, an upward trend that had been pre-empted by the coronavirus.

We’re also looking to expand more into podcasts and are looking to increase our stable of writers. Send a note to, if you are interested in joining us. This website, after all, has always been a partnership with you all.

Thanks to the Trojans Booster Club for the largest donation we received.

And thanks so very much to these businesses and organizations that have recently offered substantial financial support – Sarah Bush Lincoln, The Sparks Foundation, Mattoon Booster Club, Howell Asphalt, Mattoon Huddle, Innovative Staff Solutions, KIMA/Century 21 and Rural King.

If you would like to contribute either as a financial sponsor or as a writer, send us a note. 

We are currently the primary source for sports coverage in Coles County, a role that we do not take lightly. We will continue to diligently work to keep you updated, informed and entertained.

– Joe Gisondi, editor