Chloe Jobe runs toward the finish in Thursday’s meet at the Fort Daniel Conservation Area.

Mattoon’s Brock Davee and Kylie Haacke captured the boys and girls races Thursday in a meet held at Fort Daniel Conservation Area in Decatur.

Brock finished more than a minute ahead of runner-up Trent Hettinger, one of four Mattoon runners among the top five in the three-team boys meet. Davee ran three miles through the nature trails in 16 minutes, 27 seconds. Hettinger clocked in at 17:30, followed by Mt. Zion’s Julian Baker (17:40), and Mattoon teammates Quincy Hamilton (17:48) and Sam Ferrar (17:57).

“Brock had another great race along with Trent and Quincy,” Mattoon coach Troy Haacke said. “The boys continue to improve and are pushing each other to get better.”

Charleston’s Luca Carcasi took sixth in 18:25.

Haacke captured the four-team girls race by finishing nearly a half-minute ahead of Charleston’s Megan Garrett in 19:27. Garrett, who won last weekend’s 13-team Charleston Invitational, took second in 20:13.

“Kylie ran a great race and looked really strong,” Troy Haacke said. “Kaylin Richey also had a great race.” 

CHS’s Grace Spoonhour took fourth, behind Mt. Zion’s Renee Ballard, in 21:11.


MattoonBrock Davee10:16:27
MattoonTrent Hettinger20:17:30
Mt. ZionJulian Baker30:17:40
MattoonQuincy Hamilton40:17:48
MattoonSam Ferrar50:17:57
CharlestonLuca Carcasi60:18:25
MattoonBrandon Creel70:18:55
MattoonMac Beadles80:18:58
Mt. ZionByron Gallardo90:19:00
MattoonTyler Warner100:19:09
MonticelloEthan Robson110:19:27
MattoonTriston Grove120:19:27
CharlestonAdam Rudibaugh130:19:29
Mt. ZionIsaac Carpenter140:19:31
MattoonChase Armstrong150:19:36
MattoonBrock Goonan160:19:42
MattoonTy Eastin 170:20:02
CharlestonEugene Ohba180:20:17
MattoonMitchell Gergene190:20:34
MattoonCale Fogarty200:20:54
MattoonNathan Morgan210:21:11
Mt. ZionCarson Davis220:21:19
CharlestonMason Reeley230:21:35
CharlestonAshton Fifield240:21:40


MattoonKylie Haacke119:47
CharlestonMegan Garrett220:13
Mt. ZionRenee Ballard320:38
CharlestonGrace Spoonhour421:11
MonticelloEmma Brown521:15
Mt. ZionEmma Mallory621:25
CharlestonIla Richter721:46
Mt. ZionHailey Betzer821:49
Mt. ZionAlexia Finch922:12
Mt. ZionEllie Fritzsche1022:27
CharlestonLilly Long1122:40
Mt. ZionLucy Griffith1223:08
MonticelloEmma Kallenbach1323:08
MonticelloJoe Walker1423:14
MonticelloCora Sowinski1523:18
Mt. ZionBrooke Doyle1623:35
Mt. ZionSofia Munoz1723:53
MattoonAshley Jobe1824:04
CharlestonSophie Kattenbraker1924:29
MattoonChloe Jobe2024:32
CharlestonWhitley Wood2124:56
Mt. ZionCeleste Wolf2225:25
MonticelloKayla Wilson2325:46
Mt. ZionChloe Karnes2425:56