Coles County Sports is asking local senior athletes who are missing their spring seasons to send in their thoughts.

Please, email them to

Noah Scott, MHS baseball: Baseball is my life. I have played since I was 6 years old striving to be the best. In my senior year, I was hoping for another Apollo Conference championship. I am mad at Covid-19 for taking away my dreams. I have had many emotions that I am working through … sad, mad, optimistic, beaten down, and frustrated. I would not have made it without the support of my family and talking to my friends. I am set to play travel baseball this summer, but that may be lost, too. I have plans to play baseball in college but I haven’t decided where. I am going to play this fall, if they are open.

Blake Sapp, MHS baseball: I never expected my senior year to look like this; I don’t think any of us did. It’s very hard not seeing the guys every day and playing all of the games that we have been hoping to all year. It makes me sad to think that we all are missing out on the last opportunity to play with each other before we go our separate ways. Because of this experience, I know that we will all be stronger and we are learning to not take anything for granted and to be thankful for the memories that we have had together. My summer plans are to continue to work for Hild Landscaping and hope to hang out with friends. In the fall, I will be attending Lake Land College majoring in an Agricultural field.

Peyton Gill, MHS soccer: I was really looking forward to playing a season with this group of girls. I had high hopes for the season, hoping we would return for another sectional game. Definitely not the way I wanted to end my senior year.

Coby Comstock, MHS baseball: It sucks missing the last year of high school baseball since it was going to be my only year because I played tennis my other three years of high school. I was going to get to play with a lot more of my friends this year, too. I’ve played baseball since I was 6 so it sucks missing out on high school baseball and now possibly summer baseball where I was supposed to play with the Champaign Recruits. This fall I will be attending North Central College to major in exercise science and also play baseball.

Meah Butler, MHS Soccer: It’s honestly devastating and hard to put into words. I’ve been looking forward to having this senior season for my entire high school career. We always said that senior year would be the best one yet. The first few weeks of practice that we got to have were so much fun and we had a really bright season ahead of us. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the memories that soccer has given me, but I will forever wonder how this season would have played out. Although this is a very hard place to be in, I know that we will come out of this stronger and with many life lessons that will help us in the future.

Lane Roley, MHS baseball: For my first year being back since junior high, I decided to tryout my senior year and get one last opportunity of a lifetime. I was finally ready to get back out there and play one of my favorite sports. It took a lot of work during the offseason to try to get my arm back in shape and also to get used to the new speed of the game. But, unfortunately, I will not be able to show all the hard work put into the game. Just a shame we all won’t be able to play baseball with each other again, but it’s just a lesson to never take anything for granted. I plan to attend Lake Land College in the fall but I am still deciding among a few majors.