The NJCAA has decided to postpone the men’s and women’s Division I/II national championship basketball tournaments, originally set to begin next week.

They are now tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, April 20.

Concerns about the COVID-19 virus spreading have already prompted the NBA, NHL and MLS to cancel games until further notice, for MLB to cancel the rest of spring training, for college athletic conferences to cancel their basketball tournaments and for the NCAA to likely delay its national tournament.

The IHSA has also decided to hold its boys basketball championships with a significantly limited audience of fewer than 100, and to cancel and postpone several other events across the state.

Sports event have been canceled around the globe, prompting speculation that even the 2020 Summer Olympics could be postponed, canceled or held without spectators.

Closer to home, the boys and girls indoor track and field events originally scheduled at Eastern Illinois University the next two weekends have now also been postponed. The university is making plans to offer its classes online beginning after spring break.

Here’s some comments just offered by NJCAA president Christopher Parker on the organization’s web page about the women’s tournament: “Due to the concerns surrounding the safety and security of our student-athletes and those involved with Division I and Division II NJCAA championships, we are postponing the tournaments and maintaining a fluid mentality to see these tournaments take place with a tentative start date.”

We’ll post more updates on Facebook as we learn about local and state sports schedules.