Story and photos by Chet Piotrowski Jr.

Charleston senior Shelby Herrington saved the best for last.

Herrington notched a four-point game with three assists and a goal, including the last points for the Trojans on senior night Tuesday afternoon.

“Being senior night, we were going into it head on,” Herrington said. “We were ready to play. We went out there and did our thing.”

The Trojans had blanked Taylorville on April 13, 7-0.

“I took a few forced shots,” Garrett said. “Near the end, I just wanted to settle down. I was like ‘Im going to make this one’ and I took a breath and shot it and that started my motivation to get there.”

Garrett had one shot that sailed wide early in the first half, and a second one right at Taylorville’s Zettie Colbrook.

“My tactic is to just beat them to it (the ball)”, Garrett said. “It gets hard because I get pushed around because I’m smaller. I think beating them to the ball makes it a lot easier. I’m in front of them so I don’t bowled over.”

Senior Malia Hodges said soccer has been an integral part of her life.

“I’ve played since I was little,” she said. “It’s been a part of my life forever. Playing here at Charleston means a lot.”

While the effort was there, it didn’t translate into a record they wanted.

“I think we expected a little bit more, but I think we’ve worked hard,” Hodges said.

Senior Jordyn Kieffer notched a goal and two assists.

Herrington said she hopes the seniors have taught the underclassmen how to get to the next level.

“We’ve taught them how to be a family,” she said. “How to play with each other and how to have fun. If you’re down, you have to pick each other up.”

Charleston travels to Arthur-Okaw Christian next Wednesday, before traveling to Lincoln on Friday, and finishing out the regular season at home Saturday morning against Urbana. The Trojans will have a week break, before facing off against Mattoon, at 7 p.m. in the second regional semifinal match May 16 at Mattoon High School.


Charleston Mia Hinds 1 (Shelby Herrington 1) 17:00

Charleston Ava Phillips 1 (Herrington 2) 21:00

Charleston Hadley Webb 1 (Herrington 3) 29:00

Charleston Malia Hodges 1(Webb 1) 35:00

Charleston Ella Garrett 1 (Hinds) 35:00


Charleston Ella Garrett 2 (Jordyn Kieffer 1) 42:00

Charleston Ella Garrett 3 (Unassisted) 49:00

Charleston Shelby Herrington 1(Kiefer 2) 66:00

Ella Garrett30
Shelby Herrington13
Jordyn Kieffer12
Mia Hinds11
Hadley Webb11
Ava Phillips10