Charleston Middle boys captured first in the 11-team Cumberland Invitational on Saturday morning, placing four cross country runners among the top nine.

Hunter Grabiec ran the two-mile course in 12 minutes, 27 seconds, followed four seconds later by  teammate Maddox Archibald to take fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Gunner Barr followed in 12:46 for sixth and Will Ashley took ninth in 12:59. 

Ryland Youngblood rounded out CMS’s scoring in 17th place in 13:28, giving the Trojans 42 total points.

St. Anthony finished seven points back for second. No other team scored fewer than 100 points.

“We have very high expectations for them and they carried out our race plan just as it was laid out,” CMS cross country coach John McInerney said. “Seven in the top 17 is pretty darn good. Plus, we went 1-2-3-4 in the open race for the boys so that just means guys are really fighting for those top seven spots.”

Moulton’s Warren Weekly ran 11:45 for first place in the boys division. 

CMS placed 11 runners among the top 13 spots in the open division. (see results below)

Kaydence Hein was the top girls finisher, taking 15th in 14:49.78 for the sixth-place Trojans. The other top four were mostly packed together. Melania Morrison (16:30) and McKinley Wood (16:40) took 32nd and 33rd, respectively, while Scottlynn Buckler (16:59) finished 36th and Ayla Taub (17:02) was 38th.

“Our girls are very young, but we are pleased with how hard they competed,” McInerney said. “They will get better each week.”



  1. Charleston 42
  2. St. Anthony (Effingham) 49
  3. Moulton 100
  4. Nuttall 127
  5. Effingham 145
  6. Jasper County 175
  7. Teutopolis 179
  8. Cumberland 220
  9. North Clay 240
  10. St. John’s Lutheran (Mattoon) 249
  11. St. Michael’s 274


(Top 20)

1.8Warren Weekly11:45Moulton
2.8Isaac Fallert12:07St. Anthony (Effingham)
3.8Cameron Roedl12:14Cumberland
4.8Hunter Grabiec12:27Charleston
5.8Maddox Archibald12:31Charleston
6.8Wyatt Herrington12:43Nuttall
7.8Gunner Barr12:46Charleston
8.7Camden Bloemer12:57St. Anthony (Effingham)
9.8Will Ashley12:59Charleston
10.8Gage Kinder13:00Effingham
11.6Blake Verdeyen13:05St. Anthony (Effingham)
12.8Brady Wilson13:09Effingham
13.6Charlie Bierman13:10St. Anthony (Effingham)
14.8Henry Woolery13:22Moulton
15.7Mike Fearday13:24St. Anthony (Effingham)
16.7Corbin Dehart13:26North Clay
17.8Rylan Youngblood13:28Charleston
18.8Ryan Howarth13:30Charleston
19.7Brandt Baker13:32Charleston
20.8Riley Miller13:33St. Anthony (Effingham)


  1. Moulton 38
  2. St. Anthony (Effingham) 70
  3. Effingham 82
  4. Jasper County 116
  5. Nuttall 129
  6. Charleston 142
  7. St. Michael’s 155
  8. Teutopolis 185


(Top 20)

1.8Isabella Keller12:37Sacred Heart
2.7Emery Spicer13:13Effingham
3.8Drew Weis13:19Effingham
4.8Nora Trupiano13:21St. Anthony
5.6Leah Shoaff13:40Moulton
6.8Laylani Beard13:45Nuttall
7.6Tessa Tomblin14:01Moulton
8.5Hazel Atkins14:38Moulton
9.8Terynn Loftis14:41Nuttall
10.6Nora Niebrugge14:47St. Anthony
11.8Ava Corley14:48Moulton
12.7Abigail Reed14:57.09Moulton
13.7Alaina Miller14:57.52Effingham
14.8Laynie Lockart14:59.09Moulton
15.6Kaydence Hein14:59.78Charleston
16.7Reese Hoene15:03.4St. Anthony
17.5Roz Young15:03.84Moulton
18.6Heather Bergbower15:07Jasper County
19.8Anna Bierman15:16St. Anthony
20.8Kate Bierman15:20Jasper County


1.8Connor Mayhall14:22Charleston
2.7Noah Northrup14:24Charleston
3.6Blake Webb14:29Charleston
4.8Joshua Peterson14:35Charleston
5.8Max Gillenwater14:38St. Anthony
6.6Drew Kessler14:53Charleston
7.7Elijah Peterson14:55Charleston
8.6Krosby Goebel15:13Nuttall
9.6Brody Webb15:16Charleston
10.7Callen Henshaw15:40Charleston
11.7Colby Metzger15:51Charleston
12.6Mason Anderson15:56Charleston
13.6Harper Brantley16:05Charleston
14.7Kael Thoele16:15.25Teutopolis
15.7Evan Probst16:20Teutopolis
16.7Bryce Ulmer16:21Jasper County
17.6Will Meyer16:22St. Anthony
18.7Grant Probst16:23Teutopolis
19.6Kyler Partlow16:26Charleston
20.7Alex England16:53Charleston


1.6Natalie Nohren15:36Moulton
2.8Madisyn Mitchell15:58Moulton
3.7Kyndall Bennett16:15.75Moulton
4.8Haley Key16:24Moulton
5.6Kiley Shallenbarger16:25Moulton
6.6Hannah Frisbie16:33St. Anthony (Effingham)
7.6Taylor Denning17:06St. Anthony (Effingham)
8.6Bailee Kruger17:28Effingham
9.6Paige Wagner18:02Jasper County
10.6Jenna Hall18:21Jasper County
11.6Laynee Pankau18:22Effingham
12.7Grace Bergbower18:23Effingham
13.6Aleece Lotz18:44Effingham
14.6Taylor Davis18:47Effingham
15.6Larkin Nay18:47.8Charleston
16.7Jade Bowers18:55Charleston
17.7Lexi Griffith18:57.03Charleston
18.7Nora Kistner19:00Jasper County
19.7Marlee Tarr19:05Jasper County
20.7Lydia Lock19:09Charleston