By Will Simmons

Charleston was blown-out at home 9-0 by an undefeated Mahomet-Seymour team that dominated first-half possession Tuesday night at Paul Stranz Field.

The Bulldogs used their speed and precision-passing to draw players out of position and exploit the spaces in between to score 8 goals by halftime, Tuesday afternoon.

The Trojans (4-9-1) couldn’t keep up the Bulldogs’ leading-scorer, Cayla Koerner, who averages 3.3 goals per game. Koerner was able to get behind the Trojan’s defense throughout the game to post a hat trick. She scored her first goal 13 minutes into the game on a breakaway. Mahomet-Seymour forward Lauren Schnepper put the ball 20 yards ahead off Koerner, who drew out the goalie and went to goal for the score.

Koerner’s second goal involved less footwork. She fired a shot from the left side and bent it past the goalie to make the score 4-0 with 19 minutes in the first half. Koerner then took another pass over the top to score from the right side.

“It’s just everybody has their significant role and they put it into the game,” Koerner said, “and that just makes us have our final product.”

Five other player scored before halftime, cutting the second half in half to 20 minutes. Mahomet-Seymour (13-0) has won all matches its by at least two goals.

Mahomet coach Jeremy Davis said Koerner’s speed and elite finishing made it difficult for Charleston to defend against her runs, especially with a Bulldogs team that passed with precision and controlled possession for almost the entire first half.

“We do a really good job when we can get teams spread out and attack as opposed to playing into a real compact defense,” Davis said. “I think the girls have been a little bit pickier and not forcing play forward as much has made us a little bit more successful.”

Mahomet-Seymour’s attacking style was evident within the first four minutes when a give-and-go by the right touch-line led to a cross that forward Lauren Schnepper caught at the edge of the goal box and slid past Ally Logsdon inside the left goal post. Logsdon left the game after she collided with Schnepper on the play..

“Obviously, Mahomet has a lot of great possession, and they just worked really well as a unit,” Gowin said. “We are down a lot of bodies, a lot of injuries and a lot of people playing in different places. So it’s tough. Otherwise, there’s not much we can do with who we have out there with different spots, and I’m just proud of them for the hard work they put in today.”