Compiled by Kyle Daubs

After extensive research, the following is a compiled list of the Mattoon High School Girls’ Basketball Tournament dating back to the 1992 tourney. Search engines only took us back to the 1992 tournament. Anything before that would have cost a subscription, so this is as far back as “free” took us.

Mattoon has won the tournament eight times since 1992, and finished runner-up five more times. Mattoon has reached the championship game the past four times the tournament was held.

Plus, five Mattoon players earned tourney MVP honors – one player doing so twice.

Down below, you will also find lists of champions, MVPs, All-Tournament Team members specifically from Mattoon, as well as full All-Tournament Teams that were released.

Mattoon Girls Holiday Tournament Champions

2020 – No Tournament (COVID)

2019 – Mattoon def. Olney 54-49

2018 – Altamont def. Mattoon 57-54

2017 – Galesburg def Mattoon 42-29

2016 – Mattoon def Galesburg  45-40

2015 – Galesburg def. Salem 62-57 OT

2014 – Galesburg def Salem 68-52

2013 – Galesburg def Salem 51-46

2012 – Olney def Salem 80-73

2011 – Salem def. Olney 37-35 OT

2010 – Olney def Salem 47-36

2009 – Olney def Marion 62-31

2008 – Vandalia def. Mattoon 42-40

2007 – Vandalia def. Flora 36-25

2006 – Mattoon def. Decatur MacArthur 47-44

2005 – Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin def. Mattoon 55-45

2004 – Flora def. Vandalia  43-33

2003 – Sacred Heart Griffin def. Flora 56-45

2002 – Decatur MacArthur def. Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin 66-63

2001 – Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin def. Marion 55-49

2000 – Mattoon def. Marion 54-51

1999 – Mattoon def Nokomis 44-35

1998 – Mattoon def. Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin 64-56

1997 – Rantoul def. Mattoon 59-48

1996 – Mattoon def. Rantoul 40-39

1995 – Rantoul def. Springfield Sacred Heart Griffin 62-47

1994 – Sullivan def.  MacArhutr 49-38

1993 – Sullivan def.  MacArthur 43-42

1992 – Mattoon def. St Joseph Ogdon 55-54

Tournament MVPs

2020 – No Tournament (COVID)

2019 – Mallory Ramage (Mattoon)

2018 – Riley Jenkins (Galesburg)

2017 – Julie Luna (Olney)

2016 – Avery Jackson (Mattoon)

2015 – Raina Gully (Galesburg)

2014 – Shali Florine (Galesburg)

2013 – Sabrina Clay (Galesburg)

2012 – Kelsey Shipman (Olney)

2011 – Katie Meador (Salem)

2010 – Katie Meador (Salem)

2009 – Taylor Stevenson (Olney)

2008 – Shelby Cearlock (Vandalia)

2007 – Laura Hobbie (Vandalia)

2006 – Jessie Crabtree (Marion)

2005 – Dana Kirk (Vandalia)

2004 – Lacey Briscoe (Flora)

2003 – Jenn Foster (Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin)

2002 – Melissa Reavy (Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin)

2001 – Kassi Drew (Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin)

2000 – Kara Donnell (Mattoon)

1999 – Kara Donnell (Mattoon)

1998 – Jennifer Rudis (Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin)

1997 – Yolanda Smith (Rantoul)

1996 – Beth Bacon (Mattoon)

1995 – Kari Franzen (Rantoul)

1994 – Allyson Glazebrook (Sullivan)

1993 – Allyson Glazebrook (Sullivan)

1992 – Jody Sanders (Mattoon)

Mattoon All-Tournament Team Members

2020 – No Tournament (COVID)
2019 – Mallory Ramage, Delainey Bryant
2018 – Mallory Ramage
2017 – Ashlyn MacDonald
2016 – Avery Jackson, Sierra Thompson
2015 – Avery Jackson, Sierra Thompson
2014 – Avery Jackson, Sierra Thompson
2013 – Samantha Thompson, Kaitlyn Bath
2012 – Samantha Thompson, Taylor Smith
2011 – Claire Kidwell
2010 – Whitney Godden, Shannon Lowry
2009 – Kayla Patrem
2008 – Reynae Hutchinson
2007 – Jenna Spitz
2006 – Hannah Dow
2005 – Hannah Dow, Sarah Wagner
2004 – Kelly Youhas
2003 – Amber Powley
2002 – Kacy Crawford, Amber Bond
2001 – Megan Sparks
2000 – Kara Donnell
1999 – Kara Donnell, Kelsey Hudson
1998 – Unavailable
1997 – Sarah Stephen
1996 – Beth Bacon, Johnna Krutsinger
1995 – Beth Bacon, Hillarie Dixon
1994 – Heather Whalin, Holly Horn
1993 – Tara Bartels, Holly Horn
1992 – Jody Sanders, Jennifer Hortenstine

All-Tournament Teams

2019 – Mallory Ramage, Mattoon (MVP). Anna Blank, Olney. Rachel Jackman, Altamont. Addison Newbon, Decatur St. Teresa. Makayla Rosenbery, Mahomet-Seymour. Kenzie Weiler, Olney. Riley Jenkins, Galesburg. Lucy Fearday, Effingham St. Anthony. Lanee McNary, Vandalia. Delainey Bryant, Mattoon. Allison Hardiek, Altamont. 

2018 – Riley Jenkins, Galesburg (MVP), Mallory Ramage, Mattoon. Anna Blank, Olney. Clare McHugh, Effingham St. Anthony. Megan Kern, Vandalia. Addison Newbon, Claire Peters, Decatur St. Teresa. Brooke Runge, Leah Mayhaus, Altamont. Chloe Harness, Salem. 

2017 – Julie Luna, Olney (MVP), Claire McHugh, St. Anthony, Olivia Marquardt, Vandalia, Trinity Meadows, Salem, Esther Miller, Sullivan, Leah Mayhaus, Altamont, Ashlyn MacDonald, Mattoon, Brooke Runge, Altamont, Yvonne Mixon, Galesburg, Taylor LeCrone, Olney, Andrea Sampson, Galesburg

2016 – Avery Jackson, Mattoon (MVP); Sierra Thompson, Mattoon; rest of All-Tourney team unavailable

2015 – Raina Gully, Galesburg (MVP). Avery Jackson (Mattoon). Madelyn Hosick (Vandalia). Lexi Daniels (Galesburg). Emily Baer (Salem). Sierra Thompson (Mattoon). Makayla Tinker (Vandalia). Abby Weis (St. Anthony). Shayli Florine (Galesburg). Dearria Watson (Salem). Julie Luna (Olney).

2014 – Shali Florine, Galesburg (MVP): Dearria Watson, Salem: Brittin Boyer, Sullivan: Avery Jackson, Mattoon: Emma Meyer, Vandalia: Emily Neuhauser, Sullivan: Raina Gully, Galesburg: Megan Nuxoll, Effingham St. Anthony: Sierra Thompson, Mattoon: Kailey Beer, Salem: Lexi Daniels, Galesburg

2013 – Sabrina Clay, Galesburg (MVP), Kate Richards, Effingham St. Anthony; Morgan Cripe, Vandalia; Marley Miller, Olney; Kelsey Shipman, Olney; Shayli Florine, Galesburg; Kyla Cook, Salme; Dearria Watson, Salem; Haley Kelso, Galesburg; Samantha Thompson, Mattoon; Kaitlyn Bath, Mattoon

2012 – Kelsey Shipman, Olney (MVP), Maggie Schmidt, Mahomet-Seymour, Amber Bruno, Vandalia, Taylor Smith, Mattoon, Makayla Walsh, Effingham St. Anthony, Kyla Cook, Salem, Marley Miller, Olney, Kristen Belya, Mahomet-Seymour, Morgan Hawkins, Salem, Megan Godoyo, Vandalia, Sammy Thompson, Mattoon

2011 – Katie Meador, Salem (MVP), Amber Bruno (Vandalia), Kristen Belyea (Mahomet-Seymour), Heather Ernst (Olney), Kamisha Holsapple (Cumberland), Jennnifer Luna (Olney), Claire Kidwell (Mattoon), Natalee Roberts (Decatur MacArthur), Kelsey Shipman (Olney), Lena Grunloh (Effingham St. Anthony) and Haley Wollerman (Vandalia).

2010 – Katie Meador, Salem (MVP), Kennedy Gabel (Cumberland), Sydnee Sturdivant (Decatur MacArthur), Kelly McHugh (Effingham St. Anthony), Kristen Belyea (Mahomet-Seymour), Whitney Godden (Mattoon), Shannon Lowry (Mattoon), Ebany Brumfield (Olney), Taylor Stevenson (Olney), Kirstie Owen (Salem), Haley Wollerman (Vandalia)

2009 – Taylor Stevenson, Olney (MVP); April Barnett (Rantoul); Lindsay Lenon (Marion); Ebany Brumfield (Olney); Lauren Putbrese (Flora); Haley Wollerman (Vandalia); Miranda Murry (MacArthur); Lexy Carson (MacArthur); Alyssa Drolliger (Mahomet-Seymour); Kayla Patrem (Mattoon)

2008 – Shelby Cearlock, Vandalia (MVP), Dani Bunch (Mahomet-Seymour), Laura Hobbie (Vandalia), Chauncey Leonard (Flora), Lexy Carson (MacArthur), Lindsay Lenon (Marion), Tenia Singleton (MacArthur), Taylor Stevenson (Olney), Reynae Hutchinson (Mattoon), Casey Kuenstler (Olney)

2007 – Laura Hobbie, Vandalia (MVP), Shelby Cearlock, Vandalia, Hillary Johnson, Flora, Chauncey Leonard, Flora, Jessie Crabtree, Marion, Elisha Crawley, MacArthur, Kelly Thompson, Mahomet, Jenna Spitz, Mattoon, Rani Brandon, Rantoul, Danielle Cooper, Gibault

2006 – Jessie Crabtree, Marion (MVP), Stephanie McSparin (Marion), Hannah Dow (Mattoon), Tykesha Jones (Decatur MacArthur), Hillary Johnson (Flora), Justeen Krutsinger (Flora), Bridget Helms (Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin) April Barnett (Rantoul) Olivia Patterson (Rantoul) Laurie Hobbie (Vandalia)

2005 – Dana Kirk, Vandalia (MVP), Breanne Sergent (Sacred Heart-Griffin); Hannah Dow (Mattoon); Taylor Reid (Sacred Heart-Griffin); Stephanie Militello (Flora); Lawre Dampeer (MacArthur); Sarah Wagner (Mattoon); Laura Ridolfi (Alton Marquette); Melinda Martin (Sullivan); Anna Newell (Sacred Heart-Griffin)

2004 – Lacey Briscoe, Flora (MVP), Erin Tappan, Alton Marquette; Morgan Betscher, Decatur MacArthur; Kelly Youhas, Mattoon; Nikki Valasek, Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin; Breanne Sergent, Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin; Ashley Tolliver, Flora; Dana Kirk, Vandalia; Kasey Hamilton, Sullivan; Meredith Banal, Vandalia 

2003 – Jenn Foster, Sacred Heart-Griffin (MVP), Amber Powley (Mattoon), Meredith Banal (Vandalia), Raisa Taylor (Eisenhower), Dana Kirk (Vandalia), Ashley Wood (Sullivan), Terren Drury (Griffin), Denise Robertson (Rantoul), Lacey Briscoe (Flora), Katie Hurliman (Flora)

2002 – Melissa Reavy, Sacred Heart-Griffin (MVP); Lindsey Thompson, Vandalia; Laura Cooper, Flora; Kacy Crawford, Mattoon; Lakisha Miller, Eisenhower; Amy Edwards, Vandalia; Amber Bond, Mattoon; Alissa Butts, Eisenhower; Amber Mann, MacArthur; Sheralyn Mershon, MacArthur

2001 – Kassi Drew, Sacred Heart-Griffin (MVP), Clarissa Gross, Marion, Lee Carter, Marion, Melissa Reavy, Sacred Heart-Griffin, Sabrina Taylor, Eisenhower, Sheralyn Mershon, MacArthur, Jamie Florey, Sullivan, Laura Cooper, Flora, Sara Roberts, Vandalia, Megan Sparks, Mattoon

2000 – Kara Donnell, Mattoon (MVP), rest of All-Tourney team unavailable

1999 – Kara Donnell, Mattoon (MVP), Kelsey Hudson, Mattoon, rest of All-Tourney team unavailable

1998 – Jennifer Rudis, Springfield Sacred Heart-Griffin (MVP, rest of All-Tourney team unavailable

1997 – Yolanda Smith, Rantoul (MVP); Jennifer Rudis, Sacred Heart-Griffin; Emily Fathauer, Shelbyville; Sara Stephen, Mattoon; Kelly Drew, Sacred Heart-Griffin; Allison Brown, Vandalia; Sara McKenna, Sacred Heart-Griffin; Cindy Irwin, Rantoul; Kendal Patient, Sullivan; Kasey Cunningham, St. Joe-Ogden

1996 – Beth Bacon, Mattoon (MVP), Yolanda Smith, Rantoul; Jennifer Rudis, Sacred Heart-Griffin; Janice Reid, St. Joe-Ogden; Allison Brown, Vandalia; Emily Fathauer, Shelbyville; LaShonda Davis, Rantoul; Johnna Krutsinger, Mattoon; Katy Kendall, Sullivan; Cindy Irwin, Rantoul; Amy Boston, Sacred Heart-Griffin

1995 – Kari Franzen, Rantoul, MVP; Jennifer McAnarney, Springfield Sacred Heart; Anna Giacomini, Sacred Heart; Yolanda Smith, Rantoul; Beth Bacon, Mattoon; Hilarie Dixon, Mattoon; Janice Reid, St. Joe-Ogden; Emily Fathauer, Shelbyville; Deanna Simmons, MacArthur, and Jennifer Wehrle, Vandalia.

1994 – Allyson Glazebrook, Sullivan (MVP), Janice Reid, St. Joseph-Ogden, Toshia Smith, Rantoul, Syndrea Porter, Rantoul, Heather Whalin, Mattoon, Martha Vest, MacArthur, Deana Simmons, MacArthur, Holly Horn, Mattoon, Tara Wickline, Sullivan, Shastine Mosley, Sullivan

1993 – Allyson Glazebrook, Sullivan (MVP), Tara Bartels, Mattoon, Amanda Bolsen, Sullivan, Jessica Brink, Lawrenceville, Holly Horn, Mattoon, Syndrea Porter, Rantoul, Alison Presley, St. Joe Ogden, Ann Rosborough, Vandalia, Deana Simmons, MacArthur, Martha Vest, MacArthur

1992 – Jody Sanders, Mattoon (MVP), Allyson Glazebrook, Sullivan, Cindy Lutz, Flora, Brandi Carmien, St. Joseph, LaToya Johnson, Eisenhower, Angela Conder, Vandalia, Jennifer Hortenstine, Mattoon, Kerry Hammond, Salem