21-year-old Josh Bommelje outlasted a pack of nine riders within 5 seconds of one another to win the 50-mile race in Saturday’s Tour de Charleston.

Bommelje, a Southern Illinois University student, edged 35-year-old Adam Kester by a half second for the overall victory in 2 hours, 12 minutes, 54.5 seconds across a course that included hills through the southern part of the county. Tom Keller, Bob Petty, Dan Johnson, Jeffrey Stowell, Eric Abbott, and Robert Hornbaker followed within seconds.

Charleston Chamber of Commerce President Doug Abolt congratulates Charleston native and current Southern Illinois University student Josh Bommelje for having the best overall time in the 50-mile race of the Tour de Charleston on Saturday morning. (Photo/Chet Piotrowski)

Margaret Barawskas, 33, won the women’s overall title in 2:19.03.5.

Paul Howard, 42, took the 25-mile men’s title by more than minute in 1:03.00 while Lindcoya Pennington-Fiddler earned the women’s title in 1:15.08.

59-year-old Greg Voudrie, meanwhile, captured the 12.5-mile men’s title in 36 minutes, 28.3 seconds, averaging more than 20 mph to win by 26 seconds. Kathy Hussey, 64, finished first in the women’s division in 54:55.


1Josh Bommelje21M2:12:54.5
2Adam Kester35M2:12:54.9
3Tom Keller46M2:12:55.4
4Bob Petty46M2:12:55.5
5Dan Johnson48M2:12:56.1
6Jeffrey Stowell51M2:12:56.7
7Eric Abbott32M2:12:57.0
8Robert Hornbaker62M2:12:57.8
9Adam Fifield50M2:12:58.5
10Kip McDaniel37M2:13:15.2
11Michael Hicks38M2:13:15.3
12Steve Foster56M2:16:18.7
13Doug Kinkade50M2:19:03.5
14Margaret Barawskas33F2:19:07.7
15Kirt Monk41M2:19:08.8
16David Mahaffey42M2:19:10.7
17Mike Ozment76M2:19:17.0
18Gabriel Grant36M2:26:01.4
19Cliff Charnell41M2:28:43.5
20Bart Tate52M2:28:43.6
21Larry Stranko62M2:40:39.3
22Mark Nilges69M2:40:39.9
23Kelley Wegeng42F2:41:12.9
24Ron GillenM2:41:14.2
25Alan Pocaro43M2:41:47.7
26Charles Smyth65M2:42:13.2
27Alexander Withers41M2:43:44.3
28Christopher Crimmins20M2:53:35.0
29Jason Booker48M3:00:05.2
30Christina Booker49F3:00:05.7
31Acan Armentrout63M3:07:01.8
32Audrey Ishii63F3:13:32.0
33Michael Nannini49M3:19:53.2
34Michelle Blankenship51F3:28:29.7
35Michelle Hall55F3:28:41.7
36Deb Vincent52F3:35:45.1
37Eric Blankenship51M3:38:43.6
38Shane Hall56M3:38:43.7


1Paul Howarth42M1:03:00.1
2Jeremy Alexander37M1:04:22.8
3Justin Blue43M1:04:32.1
4Aaron Lock35M1:07:22.3
5William McKenzie40M1:09:32.5
6Phillip Nicholls53M1:09:39.6
7Eric Wilson34M1:10:24.7
8Tim Camden57M1:12:57.6
9Mike Armstrong45M1:13:52.8
10Adam Sims29M1:14:51.5
11Todd Dukeman59M1:15:01.6
12Lindcoya Pennington-Fidler27F1:15:08.5
13Christopher Bartlett62M1:16:25.3
14Jay Grabiel37M1:19:32.3
15Christopher Bates39M1:19:42.4
16William Clark27M1:19:52.0
17Bart Brewer46M1:21:59.6
18Greg Short50M1:22:00.3
19Wesley Paul14M1:22:31.6
20Kevin Martlage48M1:23:11.2
21Keith Sutterfield29M1:25:00.8
22David Paul46M1:25:42.6
23John Messer74M1:27:08.5
24Becky Taylor39F1:29:00.1
25Scott Taylor41M1:29:00.2
26Karol Scrimager49F1:29:53.4
27William Morecraft37M1:30:01.2
28David Sutterfield66M1:30:28.9
29Tony Willendburg42M1:32:22.8
30Kelly Stranko58F1:33:37.1
31Jeffery Borntreger56M1:34:24.3
32Carrie Haptonstall43F1:38:17.0
33Siobhan Doherty23F1:38:21.7
34Jason Shumway43M1:47:12.9
35John Ensign56M1:51:25.0
36James Morice55M1:51:25.1
37Alejandra Alvarada45M1:52:43.2
38Kathy Lynch55F1:54:42.7
39Dan Metz Dan Metz80M1:57:22.1
40Richard Knoll57M2:07:01.6
41Patricia Knoll47F2:07:02.2
42Bob Lawrence65M3:05:04.0
43Joyce Lawrence65F3:05:04.4


1Greg Voudrie59M36:28.3
2Charly Nguyen63M36:54.2
3Chad Isley47M37:23.2
4Gary Patrick52M41:23.0
5Tony Armstrong46M43:17.3
6Joe Gisondi58M43:34.4
7Austin Gahimer26M44:07.6
8Don Sims49M45:00.3
9Gus Gomez34M45:02.8
10Glen Pruett54M46:22.5
11Mike Behrens57M47:16.2
12Adrian Marruffo67M47:22.7
13Jon Livingston34M48:46.1
14Philip Withers-Sickles13M51:34.3
15Gary Henigman66M51:44.4
16Patrick Brasier44M53:59.5
17Scott Justice53M53:59.7
18Kathy Hussey64F54:55.7
19Jake Behrens24M55:17.6
20Logan Thompson13M55:34.5
21Julian Gomez13M55:42.9
22Shell Feda28F56:00.3
23Jeff Scrimager62M57:55.1
24Jeffrey Parish61M58:43.5
25Rebecca Sutterfield29F59:57.1
26Eric Cooper52M1:01:00.0
27Max Jaeger78M1:08:07.8
28Trisha Rentschler32F1:08:19.0
29Tim Rentschler66M1:08:19.1
30Bethni Gill41F1:10:16.8
31Luke Grant7M1:11:00.6
32Marissa Grant37F1:11:01.8
33Richard Heller79M1:11:07.1
34James Heller40M1:11:07.4
35Stacey Tipps27F1:21:57.5
36Jeff TippsM1:21:58.2
37Anne Catey58F1:23:19.8
38Mary Hawker60F1:23:20.2
39Rafael Monvardin43F1:29:14.6

All results compiled by ChampionChip247