By Kyle Daubs

Berit Haldorsen knows that hard work can lead to success. 

After all, she saw her sister Callan do it last year. 

Callan Haldorsen was an All-Apollo golfer and would have qualified for the state tournament had there been a state series. The older Haldorsen recently graduated, but the younger sister remains. 

Berit Haldorsen is hopeful that she can make the same sort of jump that her sister made in between her junior and senior seasons. 

“Callan has helped me to get my mindset,” said Haldorsen. “It’s nice when you are out golfing and you are starting to do bad and you can go and ask her to look and see what I am doing wrong. She does help. It’s nice to have a good golfer in the family.”

Haldorsen will need to be more consistent this fall. Last year, there were times that Haldorsen looked like the team’s No. 2 golfers, but there were other times that her score dipped to as low as the fifth-best score. 

“I’m hoping to have a better season,” said Haldorsen. “I didn’t break 100 for 18 holes last year. Breaking 100 is a goal, but I’m focused on getting my nine-hole score down in the 40s. I want to be consistent. Last year, I was around 48-53 on average, which isn’t bad, but I want to be in the low 40s.”

Haldorsen had an outstanding round at the Apollo Conference Championships last year. While her sister placed third, Berit finished with the next-best Mattoon score for 14th overall. Her score of 102 was eight strokes away from All-Conference. 

While All-Apollo may feel like a lofty goal, Haldorsen certainly has it in mind. 

“It will be easier to tell when the season starts,” said Haldorsen. “I don’t know if I am at that level, but to get All-Apollo would be great. When you have an older sister and see her do it, you know that if you put in the work and see her do it then you can do it, too.”

Mattoon, which missed third place by one stroke at the conference tourney, has not advanced past the IHSA Regional since 2018. 

“The varsity team is very close,” said Haldorsen. “I think we are going to have a good team. We have some new golfers who are pretty good. The ones that played last year all shot close to the 50s. Hopefully, a lot of us can work to get into the 40s. We work well together, have fun, and it’s a friendly competition.”