Kylie Haacke (foreground) and Megan Garrett run past the mile marker Tuesday on the EIU Panther Trail.

Mattoon’s Kylie Haacke no longer had a chance to win her first Apollo Conference title.

Lincoln’s Becca Heitzig was already about 200 yards ahead and running strong with about a mile left to go Tuesday afternoon at EIU.

But that didn’t mean the Green Wave senior had given up.

Instead, she focused on defending champion Elizabeth Sims of Mahomet, who had denied Haacke a title the season before.

Haacke, trailing Sims by about seven seconds, used a slight, but welcome, decline on the western backstretch of the Panther Trail just past the 2-mile marker to gain momentum.

A half-mile later, Haacke trailed by less than three seconds.

Haacke continued to press ahead. As she rounded the pond with about 250 yards left, she passed Sims and ran strong to the finish in 19:16.2 to take second in this meet for the second successive year.

Haacke was among four local runners who earned all-conference honors.

Charleston’s Megan Garrett relied on a strong kick down the stretch, sprinting past a Mt. Zion runner to take fourth overall in 19:54 and join Haacke on the conference team.

Brock Davee, who kept pace with eventual boys champion Chris Cherry of Taylorville through the opening mile, took fourth as well, clocking 16:12.5. Teammate Trent Hettinger ran 17:08.4 to take 10th and also earn all-Apollo honors.

In the closest finish of the day, Mattoon’s Quincy Hamilton and Charleston’s Luca Carcasi battled down the stretch, nearly catching MHS’s Tyler Warner, who finished 13th in 17:29.2. Hamilton just beat Carcasi by .1 second in 17:29.8.

Mattoon coach Troy Haacke said strong winds might have slowed times, but he was proud of his boys and girls teams’ performances. The Green Wave finished runner-up to Mahomet in the boys meet.

Charleston coach Chris Hawk did not get any new freshmen this season, but he says the team’s large junior and senior group has continued to improve all season. The girls team took third overall behind Mahomet and Mt. Zion.


  1. Mahomet 26, 2. Mattoon 60, 3. Lincoln 85, 4. Taylorville 121, 5. Effingham 143, 6. Mt. Zion 163, 7. Teutopolis 166, 8. Charleston 193


1Chris CherryTaylorville15:39.7
2Kyle NofzigerMahomet15:51.2
3Joseph ScheeleMahomet15:57.2
4Brock DaveeMattoon16:12.5
5Taylor FanMahomet16:22.9
6Brenden HeitzigLincoln16:29.2
7Jonah SingerMahomet16:38.3
8Julian BakerMt. Zion16:41.0
9Hayden GrotelueschenMahomet16:54.8
10Trent HettingerMattoon17:08.4
11Garrett SlackLincoln17:12.6
12Andrew DonaldsonEffingham17:14.7
13Ben WallaceMahomet (M.-Seymour)17:24.5
14Tyler WarnerMattoon17:29.2
15Quincy HamiltonMattoon17:29.8
16Luca CarcasiCharleston17:29.9
17Sam FerrarMattoon17:43.1
18Drake RutledgeLincoln17:44.2
19Joe TaylorMahomet (M.-Seymour)17:49.1
20Karsten WaisathMahomet (M.-Seymour)17:50.8
21Byron GallardoMt. Zion17:51.1
22Jake BivinLincoln17:58.3
23Evan MorganTaylorville18:02.9
24Mackinley BeadlesMattoon18:07.9
25Tucker MoellerEffingham18:08.8
26Ethan WeidnerTeutopolis18:10.5
27Cole ProbstTeutopolis18:10.9
28Tristin GroveMattoon18:15.5
29Garrett WagonerEffingham18:17.3
30Jalen FranzLincoln18:18.5
31Gabe DifanisMahomet (M.-Seymour)18:20.3
32Brandon CreelMattoon18:21.0
33Matthew DetersTeutopolis18:29.4
34Will TurveyTaylorville18:31.3
35Chase ArmstrongMattoon18:42.6
36Jack ChesserTaylorville18:44.7
37Brock GoonanMattoon18:45.6
38Jon PerryEffingham18:51.4
39Dylan GowinLincoln18:53.3
40Zack WoodallTaylorville18:58.2
41Kolby KoslofskiMt. Zion18:59.7
42Adam RudibaughCharleston19:02.5
43Ethan BivinLincoln19:18.7
44Owen MorganTaylorville19:20.0
45Jesse SloanTaylorville19:20.2
46Mason ReeleyCharleston19:24.1
47Gavin TegelerTeutopolis19:27.5
48Brody MetteTeutopolis19:33.4
49Aidan GowinLincoln19:38.0
50Ian StaufferLincoln20:03.4
51Benjamin KittenTeutopolis20:05.7
52Sean SmithTaylorville20:07.3
53Devon ProbstTeutopolis20:07.5
54Jack WaldhoffTeutopolis20:08.2
55Dane SeilerEffingham20:08.9
56Eugene OhbaCharleston20:28.7
57Austin ErbLincoln20:29.5
58Logan HeilEffingham20:31.8
59Carson DavisMt. Zion20:54.0
60Kemper KoslofskiMt. Zion21:11.9
61Bobby BehmMt. Zion21:24.5
62Joseph LeeTeutopolis21:24.7
63Ashton FifieldCharleston21:31.9
64Parsh AminEffingham21:48.9
65Frank RosenEffingham22:11.9
66Keegan MaxheimerTaylorville22:20.2
67Hayden HarkerTaylorville23:24.6
68Payton BushueEffingham23:42.5
69Tim FreemanMt. Zion23:51.0
70Toby IsleyTeutopolis23:53.1
71Christian RaddatzEffingham24:51.8
72Nicholas HawkCharleston27:32.3
73Marshall SmithCharleston27:56.8


  1. Mt. Zion 46, 2. Mahomet 60, 3. Charleston 95, 4. Lincoln 117, 5. Teutopolis 140, 6. Mattoon 151, 7. Taylorville 155, 8. Effingham 157


1Becca HeitzigLincoln18:44.8
2Kylie HaackeMattoon19:16.2
3Elizabeth SimsMahomet19:24.4
4Megan GarrettCharleston19:54.2
5Renee BallardMt. Zion19:54.6
6Emma MalloryMt. Zion20:06.5
7Reese McCuanLincoln20:08.6
8Klein PowellMahomet 20:20.8
9Grace SpoonhourCharleston20:27.9
10Hailey BetzerMt. Zion20:28.8
11Ashleigh AndersonMt. Zion20:34.7
12Ava BoydMahomet 20:42.0
13Ila RichterCharleston20:49.9
14Brooke DoyleMt. Zion20:51.9
15Ellie FritzscheMt. Zion20:54.2
16Jessica RundeTeutopolis21:00.4
17Kiley WeaverEffingham21:07.6
18Delaney KingMahomet 21:09.1
19Callie JansenMahomet 21:16.3
20Alerina LetnikuTaylorville21:16.3
21Emily BednarMahomet 21:16.8
22Olivia CoppleTeutopolis21:18.6
23Hattie MourningLincoln21:27.4
24Grace LietzMahomet 21:27.9
25Chloe AllenMahomet21:28.0
26Alexia FinchMt. Zion21:28.8
27Olivia BuntingMahomet 21:32.5
28Shaelin RuzichMahomet 21:34.0
29Anna GoodmanTaylorville21:53.9
30Lilly GriffithMt. Zion22:00.1
31Ashley JobeMattoon22:01.0
32Marah KirkEffingham22:07.9
33Ella GoodmanTaylorville22:09.4
34Kaitlyn VahlingTeutopolis22:17.9
35Hallie SmithTaylorville22:20.5
36Lucy GriffithMt. Zion22:28.1
37Nicole SchniederjonEffingham22:34.9
38Lilly LongCharleston22:36.1
39Chloe JobeMattoon22:37.2
40Kaitlyn SchumacherTeutopolis22:54.2
41Sophie KattenbrakerCharleston23:03.8
42Taylor BuekerTeutopolis23:23.4
43Sofia MunozMt. Zion23:33.9
44Daelyn DunstonEffingham23:34.5
45Whitley WoodCharleston23:42.9
46Caroline AhrendsLincoln24:08.9
47Hallee PerryMattoon24:17.1
48Kayleigh KoesterEffingham24:46.3
49Isabella KiefferCharleston25:06.8
50Ella ZumbahlenTeutopolis25:11.9
51Annabel WehrleCharleston25:14.3
52Katherine KingeryTeutopolis25:21.9
53Macy SwinglerTeutopolis25:33.0
54Abby StiefvaterLincoln25:35.8
55Kaylin RicheyMattoon26:07.8
56Jordyn KiefferCharleston26:20.5
57Sydney BeccueTeutopolis28:05.6
58Audrey WagnerEffingham28:44.3
59Natalie HowardTaylorville29:02.9
60Gracie EatonEffingham29:16.6
61Lydia HeberlingTaylorville35:50.0