Stan Royer is a Charleston High School graduate who played professional baseball for the Cardinals, A’s and Red Sox. Royer was drafted out of high school in Charleston by the Atlanta Braves, but he decided to attend college instead, playing for Eastern Illinois University and earning an economics degree. After graduating EIU, Royer was selected by the Oakland Athletics. Before the 1991 season, he was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals.

In a four-season career, Royer was a .250 hitter (41-for-164) with 21 RBI in 89 games, including four home runs, 10 doubles, and 14 runs scored.

Royer is President of Claris Advisors, an investment advising and wealth management firm based in St. Louis. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Stan.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Tell us a little about your life right now.

STAN ROYER: Since retiring from baseball, I have been in the finance field in some form or fashion.  I am co-founder and President of a Wealth Management Firm in St. Louis. The Firm name is Claris Advisors LLC and we have been in business over 20 years.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Do you get back to Charleston much?

ROYER: Not too much. All of our family has moved from there years ago, so not as much to bring me back.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Since you are based in St. Louis, do you see a lot of Cardinal games?

ROYER: I go to a few games a year, but would rather just watch them from home. My girls like to go and I have business commitments, but, other than that, watching them with a remote in my hand is preferable.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Take us back to your first Major League at-bat in 1991. What were you thinking?

ROYER: Only the game plan on that at-bat.  I really could block things out and get zoned in on what I was doing. I explain to people that my first plate appearance, which I got my first hit, it was me and the pitcher in a tunnel with no sound.  That’s how focused my mind was.  It wasn’t until I hit the ball and was running toward first base and rounding the base that I heard any crowd noise.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: How does it feel to hit a Major League home run?

ROYER: Very Satisfying.  Obviously, a great feeling, but in reality just another game.  I had hit many homers before in many other games, but what was different is that everything is elevated to a little higher level at the Major League level.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Your career ended in 1994. Tell us what happened?

ROYER: A very long story with multiple things going on, but the end result is they wanted to send me back to AAA right before the strike and I wasn’t willing to accept that assignment.  As I said, there is a lot more to that story that helps explain my decision, but that would take too long.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Did you consider trying to play in 1995 season?

ROYER: I did have some thoughts about going back, especially as spring training started to get near.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: When you played at Eastern Illinois University, what was your best memory?

ROYER: Oh, boy, there were many.  Coach (Tom) McDevitt allowed me to come in and hit late at night with some of the current professional baseball players that were back working out in the offseason.  I had such a good time and learned so much during those sessions.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS:What advice to you have for young baseball players?

ROYER: Play all the different sports you can.  I’m a proponent of playing multiple sports. It made me the successful baseball player that I became. I learned so much from those other sports that helped round me out into the athlete that I was. It gave me a break mentally and physically by not playing a sport all year-around. I speak to kids about this all the time.  I think it’s why we see the injuries we see at such a young age and the burnout.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Did you have a favorite teammate in St. Louis?

ROYER: Ozzie Smith was sure special.  My roommate for years was Rod Brewer.  Bernard Gilkey, Tim Jones.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: What was the best Major League Park you played in, and what made it that way?

ROYER: The old parks were my favorite.  Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.  So much history when you walked onto those fields.  The rivalry with the Cubs made it that much exciting.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Best advice you received from another Major Leaguer or manager?

ROYER: Make every at-bat like it’s your last one and play every inning and every out the same way.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Do you have a prized piece of memorabilia from your playing days?

ROYER: Was not much of a collector, but I do have a Stan Musial autographed ball.  He is who my Dad named me after.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: When you come back to Charleston, what do you get asked the most?

ROYER: I really don’t get noticed too much the times I’ve been back. I think I’ve been away long enough, and my career was over 25 years ago, that I don’t run into a lot of people that I know or know me.  Plus, I’m not back very often.

COLES COUNTY SPORTS: Any comments on the current sign-stealing issues going on with the Astros?

ROYER: People have always tried to steal the opponent’s signs, but this took it to a different level.  It is how they went about it that is the real issue.  It brings the word cheating into the mix because it couldn’t be more self-policed like it was back in the day.