Eastern Illinois University students have supplied a great deal of the content on this website.

We’re in the lull between fall and winter high school sports, but we do have something to celebrate today – our 10,000th read here at ColesCountySports.com. 

Three months ago when we started this project, we did not know what to expect. We rushed in hoping that we could fill the need for local sports news. You all responded strongly by jumping into content supplied here and on our Facebook page (@ColesCountySports) in far higher numbers than we had anticipated. We remain humbled.

We also remain determined to expand our coverage. This past week, we received our Federal Employment ID number and our Articles of Incorporation were approved by the Secretary of State. We’re just waiting to raise funds so we can submit our application to the IRS and gain non-profit status. These actions will enable us to receive donations, sponsorships and grants that will help support the costs for media storage, travel and stipends for writers. So far, nobody has been paid and the editors have absorbed the costs. We’re offering these details in order to remain transparent, not as a call for financial gifts. (We can accept them now, but they won’t be considered charitable until the paperwork is filed with the IRS.)

As we have stated, our mission is both to educate those seeking to learn journalism and to serve our community. So far, EIU students and our editors have supplied the content. We’d also train high school students and community members. Contact us if you are interested.

We expect to expand coverage starting in January so keep checking in. In the meantime, we have two prep athletes competing in the state cross country meet on Saturday –– Kylie Haacke from Mattoon HS and Grace Spoonhour from Charleston HS –– and swimmers who are about to start their postseason. In addition, Lake Land volleyball will battle for a chance to earn a national berth at its campus Saturday and both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at LLC have just started playing. We’ll be covering all of that, of course. Around Thanksgiving, high school basketball and wrestling will take off. Sports never end, and we love that. Apparently, you do as well. Thanks again for your support. Let us know how we can better serve you all.

FYI: You can also now follow us on Instagram (@ColesCountySports) and Twitter (@ColesCounty.)