MHS all-conference runners Brock Davee, Kylie Haacke, Quincy Collings and Josh Ramage

Mattoon’s Kylie Haacke and Quincy Collings took off fast in Tuesday’s Apollo Conference meet in Mahomet, running the first mile in 5 minutes, 54 seconds.

That start enabled Haacke to take second place overall in the girls race while Collings grabbed eighth –– and both Green Wave runners earned all-conference honors.

Haacke dashed across the 3-mile course in 19 minutes, 12.13 seconds, trailing Mahomet’s Elizabeth Sims by 11 seconds. Collings finished in 19:45.94.

Charleston’s Grace Spoonhour took sixth to help the Trojans take third overall after clocking in at 19:42.27. Mattoon finished fourth in the girls team competition.

Mahomet edged Mt Zion, 37-38, for the top team spot.

Mattoon’s Brock Davee took fourth in 16:34.76, teammate Josh Ramage (17:22.47) finished 10th, and CHS’s Josh Hoh (16:37.43) grabbed sixth overall to earn all-conference recognition in the boys race.

Mattoon took second in the boys team competition with 59 points. Mahomet won with 33 points.

Top Girls Individuals

1Elizabeth SimsMahomet-Seymour19:01.216:20/M
2Haacke KylieMattoon High School19:12.136:24/M
3Grace LietzMahomet-Seymour19:25.286:28/M
4Griffith LucyMt. Zion High School19:29.816:30/M
5Fox TaylorMt. Zion High School19:31.806:30/M
6Spoonhour GraceCharleston High School19:42.276:34/M
7Mallory EmmaMt. Zion High School19:44.616:35/M
8Collings QuincyMattoon High School19:45.946:35/M
9Munoz SofiaMt. Zion High School19:57.586:39/M
10Klein PowellMahomet-Seymour20:06.616:42/M

Girls Team results

  1. Mahomet 37
  2. Mt Zion 38
  3. Charleston 85
  4. Mattoon 109
  5. Effingham 129
  6. Lincoln 148

Charleston Girls

Spoonhour Grace619:42.27
Garrett Megan1420:15.43
Richter Ila1820:35.58
Long Lilly2221:18.55
Fisher Casey2522:04.40
Kattenbraker Sophie(26)22:31.16
Madlem Lydia(27)23:03.16

Mattoon Girls

Haacke Kylie219:12.13
Collings Quincy819:45.94
Wells Allie3124:46.79
Himes Chasely3325:28.08
Samuelson Lauryn3526:35.64
Richey Kaylin(36)27:43.88

Top Boys Individual

1Chris CherryTaylorville High School15:54.705:18/M
2Kyle NofzigerMahomet-Seymour16:19.565:26/M
3Joseph ScheeleMahomet-Seymour16:27.855:29/M
4Davee BrockMattoon High School16:34.765:31/M
5Fenton ZachMt. Zion High School16:37.345:32/M
6Hoh JoshCharleston High School16:37.435:32/M
7Nick MiesMahomet-Seymour16:45.885:35/M
8Heitzig BrendenLincoln High School17:02.595:41/M
9Joe TaylorMahomet-Seymour17:12.305:44/M
10Ramage JoshMattoon High School17:21.215:47/M
11Ferrar SamMattoon High School17:22.475:47/M

Boys Team results

  1. Mahomet 33
  2. Mattoon 59
  3. Taylorville 92
  4. Mt Zion 111
  5. Charleston 115
  6. Effingham 135
  7. Lincoln 176

Mattoon Boys

Davee Brock416:34.76
Ramage Josh1017:21.21
Ferrar Sam1117:22.47
Creel Brandon1517:37.65
Grove Tristin1918:00.25
Beadles Mackinley(27)18:19.59
Armstrong Chase(28)18:38.06

Charleston Boys

Hoh Josh616:37.43
Oakley Noah1817:44.56
Carcasi Luca2418:13.10
Reeley Mason3219:14.55
Ames Landon3519:55.36
Mellott Logan(36)20:06.38
Agronomoff Adam(40)20:18.81