EIU journalism students like Jeremy Arzuaga (top) and Adam Tumino (bottom) will be among those now covering high school sports event in Coles County. On Friday, they reported on the Coles County Clash at O’Brien Stadium on EIU’s campuses. This website, along with our social media offerings, have two primary purposes: to help educate students and to provide our community with additional coverage of local sports.

Students tonight learned how to track plays, to record stats, to search for players and coaches in the postgame bedlam on the field and to file a story on deadline. A daunting task, but one that can also be exhilarating. We plan to cover as many sports events as possible using written words, photos, video and, eventually, audio through podcasts. Bear with us if we make a mistake or if we file stories a little later than usual. Certainly, point out such errors so students can learn from their mistakes. But be gentle because this is really our students’ homework, and, for some, it is the first time they have covered a sports events of any kind. Ultimately, I am sure that you will eventually notice what I experience each year in classes — improving stories that are fun to read. That is our hope, at least. Please, follow us here, on Twitter (@colescounty) and on Facebook (Coles County Sports.) And keep in touch.